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Angle ganged verticall tillage tool.

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Who has run an angled gang vertical tillage tool?

Just looking for opinions what you liked and disliked about them. 


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The neighbors have used one a little bit for a couple years it's the Case IH 330. It does a nice job but they didn't like how it went into wet soil. In the wet clay soils you'd still have a horizontal smear layer which wasn't the end of the world because your planter opener was probably going slightly deeper. But it would plug up on the disk scraper and where the C shank mounts the gang to the frame.

They are looking into some aftermarket blades that have a little more concave to them to move the dirt a little more created they're looking for a little more black then what most vertical till tools are doing.

Overall they have no complaints about the wear and tear on the machine or how it operates in adjustability to it.



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