Got to tour the Zie...

Got to tour the Ziegler ZRC building!  


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11/10/2019 6:01 am  

It's a main parts hub and it's where engines, Transmissions, final drives, hydraulic and fuel systems come for repair. Pretty amazing how they got everything kept so clean. assembly and disassembly is kept different areas.  when an engine comes in it gets washed. then goes to disassembly area. all components go to machining area for inspection and recondition. from there they go to a assembly area.  

the top picture is an electric motor final drive for a mine truck. 

a block leaving the machining area. they have machining for heads, blocks, rods, cranks. 

a finished engine getting ready for dyno. they do 300 engines a year.

next two pictures are of the dyno room, the first one is the monitors from the control station and then the dyno room.  they put about 4 hours on an engine.

the big red tanks are oil for testing hydraulic pumps. they have ran pumps as high as 200 gpm.  there is also up to 500 hp for testing transmission on this dyno.

next one is a transmission getting finished

one of the overhead cranes

the rail road spur

part of the parts center

a cut away engine

and the oil sample lab. they do over 100k samples a year.



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11/10/2019 11:41 pm  

Did you get a picture on the stands that come out of the floor?  So guys can work on a item at floor level and do not have to walk up and down a ladder.

It is neat that they can bring a train locomotive to work on one when needed. 


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I did not. They were none up in the air when they told us about it.