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Businesses being sued for opening  


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20/05/2020 10:52 am  

Let's talk about Keith Ellison for a second if the businesses that wanted to open were Muslim businesses he would not have made a stink. His actions his words in the past make that a true factual statement is an absolute racist hates America want Sharia law and to bring Minnesota to a third world country standard of living just like the Middle East is. If you don't believe that you're an idiot and yep better go get educated look at his history.


Keith Ellison wants to make an example of that business to try and scare anybody else from opening and defying order. We the people need to somehow come together and force him out of office and make an example out of him. Whether it's force him out of office at the election ballot would be the most appropriate and logical way to go. If that doesn't work at some point We the People must stand up and take our state and our country back if this lockdown and trying to bankrupt all are small businesses doesn't end.


In Minnesota a bar restaurant owner was going to open up several location. Our attorney General Keith Ellison took him to court and the liberal Court sided with the attorney general that it is illegal for that business to open and if he does open it will be $25,000 per day per location. This is America. The Nazi Germany ERA this is not China. The fact that we have elected officials that are trying to prevent businesses from opening he says it's time for American citizens to get ready to take up arms start stockpiling ammunition start figuring out how to get two way radios to each other start figuring out that when the government shuts down the internet to try and stop communication that we will be able to take back our country. This is such a crock of crap


This is happening in many states around the country and it's going to lead to a bad situation I think I fear.


I wish I won 20 million-dollar lottery I would go after Keith Ellison was such a vengeance