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Beginning Farmer Trials!

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Just started out raising a few steers and making some hay 2 years ago and i plan to expand, Does anyone have any stories to share about failures or successes they encountered. Id like to go the way of cow calf/ soil health concept but not sure how to go about that. question number 2 is would you rather have a blank slate with a house and a few buildings or Rather buy a working beef farm with infrastructure already setup? 

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if I could rewind time to when I had milk herd I wish I would have thought of grazing and baleage vs trying to keep a chopper and silos going. 

after the milk cows if I could rewind time I could have bought a nice little utility tractor and small square baler with accumulator system vs grain system and equipment to be the next row crop guy. maybe done some small grains and just custom hired combine done. 


would also have focused on cattle, pigs and poultry for retail.

also would have used the 3 acre and 2 acre for a garden for my retail market I would have built up. 



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