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Strip machines

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Anyone have experience with the Kuhn gladiator machines?

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none around here.  they have been upgrading there row unit and they are a heavy looking beast!

there is a hiniker not to far from me and he likes it and it handles our soil and rocks.  comparing the two on mass and heft if the hiniker works I cant see how you could wear out a Kuhn?!!

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Anyone know of where to get a cheap Montag system, older or newer? Would love to get a machine built but the fertilizer delivery is the expensive part in my opinion. And I would like to have an accurate system. I would also like to control it with an AgLeader system, that is why I am thinking Montag. 

Does anyone have any experience using a John Deere air cart for fertilizer delivery on a strip till bar?, if so please let me know. I like the idea of the air cart because you can find them and a drill fairly reasonable at times and could use the drill for covers as well.

Open to opinions!

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there are many guys using the old john deere and flexi coil, concord... air carts.  they are cheap.  

for 10 grand montag will get you a 12 row metering system and blower, just have to build the box ontop of it.  that's not that bad.

ag leader is great and will run about any box you can put a pwm valve and motor on. just have to calibrate it. 

I use an old ag systems cart.  it was there chassis but a montag box on it.  you can find them once in a while used.


amity air out of ND also has a cart with a different kind of metering.  a more simple meter with a single pipe coming up to the implement.  talk with them and see what there single hopper bin is worth. 

the fancy carts add a lot of price vs just the hoppers.  



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