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one pass planting &strip

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was wondering about one pass strip till and planting in a single pass,

what is everyone opinion one this on

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I like the concept, but i am cautious. The goal for me in strip till would be to place fertility and prepare a seed bed. To place fertilizer deep enough, a shank machine is the only way to go. I would be concerned that the slot from the shank is closed enough to not lose the seed when planting directly behind the stripper. 

I would not be concerned about planting behind a coulter machine, but i would not apply fertility with it as it would be too close to the seed. its kinda a catch 22

maybe someone should invent a 36" Coulter that we can deep band fertilizer with and still plant behind. 

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There are several companies that have the ability.  Like Tyler said if you're running fertility with it you got to have enough room between the seat and the band of fertilizer for some safety.

Other than a couple obstacles like that and tending to the fertilizer and seed and in furrow coordination. It seems like it would be a great system if it would work in your soil's and environment! I have planted right behind the strip-till unit and it works really well the clumps we're still very soft so they just mashed out underneath the row unit of the planter and it was great!  It also kept moisture in the berm.

If you could get it to work which I think someone could easily do think of how well you could cover your Acres. All your tillage all your fertility and planting in one pass!



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