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Kura clover living mulch U of M tour.

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went down to the U of M and had a great visit.  It was very interesting seeing a living cover like this.  for a row crop guy with cattle or a dairy farm its a great option.  after seeing how thick there 12 year old stand was even after being strip tilled the whole time was pretty amazing.  for dairy it would be easy to alternate between silage corn and hay.  lots of possibilities with this product. 

thanks to John Baker and John Alexander for the tour and info.

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It is interesting stuff, tho it still is too monoculture like for me.  How would it work to notil into and interseed some other plants into it as well?  I will never own a strip rig and am trying to get away from buying my p & k.  

How long does it take to establish (to get its full benifits)? Does U M do a field tour day?



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