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Is aftermarket technology days numbered?

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In 2019 pretty much all ttactors are coming from the factory with monitors in them that can do the rate,swath control, mapping, steering as well. With all if them being ISO bus and implements coming ISO bus how long do these companies have?  In 20 years you will have 40 years of used equipment having aftermarket upfit and 20 years of factory equipment. 

In 20 years will they be a dying business that is just offering upgrades and support to current customers?

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I dont know, my newest tractor is 43 years old currently. in another 20 years i would probably be luck to have a 25 -30 year old tractor. The problem with factory supplied electronics and technology is they force you to go to a dealer for repairs. Be it an upgrade or a software glitch you aren't legally allowed to tackle it yourself. Isn't there a right to repair bill in the works?



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