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Drone deploy scouting

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I see where Corteva is using drones with drone deploy to scout crops and do population counts.  Anyone have experience with this?

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i use my drone to check on crops once and a while....

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I like the theory behind drone deploy. What I was told is you can't just go out snap one picture and send it to them and see if the fields healthy or not. The best way to use their program was send them a map of the field they've put out the locations and then program the Drone to fly that pattern. And you would do this on a regular basis you wouldn't just do a one time. Kind of like tissue sampling.


Is pretty amazing what they can see with the light patterns! In some cases I have heard 30 days or more before you see a problem from disease with your eyes they can see it with the camera.


I would like to find a year where I can use their product and when they come back and say hey you need to go treat this area because you have an issue it would be fun to treat half of the area to see if a made a real difference or not.

I use my drone for scouting all the time but I just used it run out hover over the field look for bad spots and then dip down in to inspect them spots if need be or even use it for scouting for insects.



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