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thrashed and unthrashed pods in grain tank.  


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27/10/2019 10:29 am  

this might go away pretty quickly as the  week goes on.  but unthrashed  pods in the tank we are seeing a lot of little single bean pods or the wet pods that are not drying from the moisture coming up from the ground.  

on my sieve I had it set at 6 in the early part of the day when it was really tough. as the day went on i could open the bottom up to 9 mm to reduce returns.  the top chaffer I had set at 3 to help reduce heavy thrashed pods from getting into sample. fan pretty much wide open.   

if thrashed pods is your only concern I would open lower sieve and close down top chaffer. by opening the lower sieve you will allow more air to come up and hopefully carry them out.  with the deep tooth top chaffer running it a little tight isn't a concern of stopping air flow. a 3-5 setting is a lot tighter then normal but this isn't a normal year. tough conditions.  

I didn't want to get to aggressive with the cylinder and concave because we had a lot of dry beans on the top of the plant that I didn't want to cause splits. I have a round aps and keystock main so I kept clearance at 12-13 mm and rpm as low as 370 when late in the day and 450 when tough in the morning.  if you have round bar mains you might need more rpms and maybe a little tighter clearance in the morning, possibly going to keystock aps if its to tough.  


did you have any pods in the tank. what machine, what concave and what settings did you find to clean it up?