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Bruce thought this would make a funny topic. I always enjoy visiting these two guys on their Farm. Never a dull moment!

As the 1200 head shaved along the ground capturing every bean a slight breeze was blowing out of the west just strong enough to help a hawk hover above us looking for mice. we would creste the hill you could Overlook the pretty lake. As we would descend down  the backside of the hill the Sun  was low enough to start to create some Shadows off of the tree line . these big beautiful soybean plants were feeding very nice. At 6mph everything was rolling along nicely. Acre after acre  the counter on the monitor just kept clicking up  every few moments another acre  harvested! and then the cylinder speed alarm came on and the smell of belt smoke. It turns out the stems were anything but dry. It was like the stocks were made out of sisal twine or hemp fiber. 

We open the concave all the way cleaned out what we could do the rock trap. Put the cylinder in neutral started the separator clean out the rotors and the chopper. What the cylinder in low range and loosened the belt for the impeller. Lower the feeder house and open that top door. With the engine at idle engaged the separator and about a small square bale slug spit out. We clean that out started the separator again another 1/2 a bale came out.  put the door on, tighten the impeller belt and put the gearbox back to high range.


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