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8700 Lexion demo

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went it to Collins Family Farm with the 8700 and 18 row corn head. Conditions were not impressive to say the least. Snow on corn, 25%-32% moisture with big ears to small rubbery ears. Stalks were ringing wet.  Took a few minutes to get head to feed nice but still a random row would plug.  

We had an ugly sample and lots of loss and snow on our sensors.  After a couple hours of adjusting we ended up with a good sample and acceptable losses. Now the cruise pilot would run us about 4-4.5 mph. Very impressive under these conditions.

the new unloading system is fast but little learning curve with the delayed shut off. New cab is nice and monitors are easy to navigate

Salesman Jeff got to get some seat time. He looked like he was having fun!

looking forward to next year to get a lot of time on these machine!


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