Feed grinder Repair
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Feed grinder Repair

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So the center gear box decided it was done last week. This gearbox drives the unloading auger and the mixing auger, its located on the bottom in the center of the grinder and is an absolute bear to get out. i have a second 354 for parts (picture). so i took the backhoe and stood it up to make things easier. used the torch and cut the gearbox out as well as all the other drive shafts and bevel gears. also slid the mixing auger out. The "good" grinder will not be so easy. i wont be standing that one up with the hoe. We got the bad gearbox disconnected but couldnt pry it down off the mixing auger. even took the loader and tried yanking up on the mixing auger from the top. all it did was lift the grinder. ended up climbing inside and cutting the shaft off the top of the gearbox that drives the mixing auger. Still have to pull the unloading auger drive shaft yet, but were getting closer. 

I also bought a disc mower a couple weeks ago. Its a Krone AM-283s. got a heck of a deal on it. has a leaky lift cylinder and needs knives. tarp is a little chewed but other than that its in great shape.


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Thats how you do it!!



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