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Drill for cover crops

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I tried broadcasting some oats and wheat for cover crop last year with no incorporation, and of course nothing grew. I don't have anything i could use to incorporate seed very effectively, so i am considering a grain drill. I have an 8200 Deere, but from experience i know its not enough to get seed in the ground no-till unless there is the perfect amount of moisture and minimal residue. I found two different drills at an upcoming auction. The first is a 15' Marliss with a coulter cart, and the second is a 24' Great Plains conventional drill. I am thinking the Marliss would be able to get some rye planted into cornstalks, but i just wish it was bigger. I like the size of the great plains, but will it be able to get seed in the ground? both are a older and rough, but im not too concerned about that since the only use would be seeding covers.


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My dad has a JD 750 no till drill. 

And my brother took half of the row units off and respaced them to have 2 rows in-between two 30 inch rows to put cover crops in.

Also we used it to put beans in no-till into corn.  We drive down the previous year of corn rows. 

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The top one would probably be a better choice since you did some chopping action.?



I like that 750 that you guys put together!



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