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Soybean Pre Herbicide Programs

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Just  curious to hear what other people across the map do for their soybean pre applications. If you put a 2-4D product down pre, how far ahead of planting do you push it? I know some people who get away with a tighter window than label recommends. Lv6 label is maximum of 1.43 pints pre, not less than 15 days prior to plant, and the half rate of 0.7 pints is 7 days prior to plant..but I know some guys who push that a little closer to plant. 

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For us here a very popular pre-emergent would be a product called enLight. Spike it with some Roundup if you need a little more burn down power. This year I had some left over thundermaster so I tossed a little bit of that in as well for a more burn down effect and just a little bit more action.

Next year I will be using winter rye as my pre emerge.

Are early-season weed control is dandy lions crabgrass and quackgrass. The water Hamp and foxtail and Ragweed are all a late-season issue. No-till reduces the opportunity of late-season germination a lot but we still have some escapes.

Hope and winter Rye in the spring and either a normal residual for summer with oat broadcast later in the season will be the ticket?

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i run authority mtz  engenia

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I typically burn down with glyphosate and then plant. I follow the planter immediately with 4oz Sonic, 4oz Metribuzin, and 2 pt of Duall. 



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