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60 inch corn harvest  


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30/11/2019 11:45 am  

I was able to harvest the 60 inch corn.  I just made a new region on the monitor to compare it against the rest of the field.  lots of storm damage this year so it was tough to really compare since one spot had damage and right next to it was fantastic.  

population was the same as the 30 inch corn.  nitrogen was the same but I didn't shut off rows to bring all nitrogen to the rows.  

yield wise it was behind, the 30 inch next to it looked good and a lot of the 60 inch did not look good.  the good looking 60 inch corn held about 105 with a 110 spike  bushels, the good 30 inch was 120 with a quick 140 spike


I would like to try this again. first thing is to shut off my drop hoses that will not be by any row of corn. 

 as far as cash flow goes on $3.50 corn a 20 bushel difference is $70.    

there is a lot of nitrogen in the cover crops in this 60 inch corn.  not 70 dollars worth but with some more time i think we will be able to make our own N for a corn on corn.


the immediate return on this is animal credits or grazing dollars.  at $0.06 per lb at todays price and a cow eating 30 lbs a day that is $1.80 per day. if a guy got 20 days off that acre that is $36 dollars plus that cow is going to put a lot of nutrients and nitrogen into the ground. 


between the cows and covers it wouldn't be hard to come up with 100N credits. in time I could easily see 150 N credits. 

for its first year of just seeing if it could even work I am excited for next year to try it again!