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Anyone have any experience interseeding into corn or soybeans?  

What mixes? What chemical programs ?  What establishment methods? 

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I am in EC Mn.  85-90 day average corn 30" rows. 

yes I have been trying it for a while. last year was the best year of results and was good enough to have had good grazing if I had it setup for pasture. 

did a normal pre emerge chemical program. this year will be doing a more simple non residual burn down for earlier planting.  

for the first couple attempts I waited till corn was about 5' tall and got zero response.  last year I finally went in about v-4 v-5 and got some good response but also some bare spots. this year I am going in at v-3 to hopefully get better germination and little more growth before getting covered with the corn canopy. 

goal is to get enough ground cover to have weed control and make the corn stalks better grazing behind combine.

last year used oats, hairy vetch and tillage radish.  this year I want to add crimson clover, annual rye grass, blue lupins if we can get it, buckwheat and tall fescue.

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Jon, do you just broadcast to interseed into V3-V4 corn, or do you have a way to put the seed in the ground?  If broadcast, have you had success with vetch and buckwheat?  

Was going to try my JD 750 and remove/move some row units, but the rear wheels are spaced at 103" so won't fit 30" rows!   Plus, I don't have GPS so concerned about the length of the 750 and how much corn I may run down in my not-perfectly-straight rows in my not-square fields.  

Don't really want to broadcast but running short on options.  



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I have been broadcasting but this year I will be going in a lot earlier more like V2 to V3. I've had good luck with the cereals, hairy vetch, tillage radish Italian ryegrass and buckwheat. In the past I was going into late and so I would get germination from stuff but no growth.

I had thought about making a toolbar with some aftermarket Road units that don't have a gauge wheel on the side so you could get four of them in between the corn. Just haven't had time or money.


Since I have a lot of acres to do this year I'm just going to get the 6-ton spreader fill it up with the cereal crop and spread. Then use the 500 lb capacity spreader on the back of the 4020 to spread the hairy vetch to tillage radish and buckwheat type mixture. Cuz that only has a few pounds to the acre of each product.



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