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Cover crops and weed control

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 So after doing the full chemical program that was recommended to us the neighborhood still had escapes of the noxious weeds in the fall. Now looking at the prevent plant Acres I am talking to some guys about seeing if we can't get them to try a cover crop on that field to control weeds for the season to let the soil heal and build nitrogen for next year's corn so they can have a cash-flow cornfield next year. Their big concern was controlling noxious weeds. So their plan is to spray the soil all season with chemicals or keep a black all summer with tillage. I would love to see a side-by-side of that farm in the next season and its cash flows from the two years. half the field in covers producing nitrogen controlling weeds half the field kept the black with chemicals or tillage. The next spring tillage on the half to get planted the other half just drive the planter through and put the corn in. We all know how that would turn out!

But if we do the chemical thing and we know we're going to have 5% escapes then how can we come down hard on cover crops if we have a few percent of escapes? With cover crops if you start to see noxious weeds you go out there with a Batwing Mower and mow it. You still have to manage cover crop. The cover crop itself you might not want going to seed so you already might be going out there with a Batwing and mowing it down.

Just make sure late-season you get some winter wheat or winter Rye drilled into that field so next spring you've got some green to plant into.

Guys thoughts opinions experience?



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