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Well, my uncle had about 11 acres of wheat out and had plans to do about 8 acres of spelts for the neighbor. A couple days before wheat was ready he was getting the F out to get it serviced and ready. He pulled the oil dipstick and it was about 5" over full. opened the cap on the radiator and it was empty. fast forward a couple weeks and we pulled the motor. The o-ring on the sleeve in the #5 cylinder let loose. so that motor is currently tore down and were waiting on the rebuild kit to show up.

so we got the new one out and went over it really quick. found the hydraulic accumulator was bad, but no biggie, dont need it for cutting wheat. and found someone messed up the threads for my concave adjustment ratchet. you adjust the concave clearance by ratcheting a lever on the side of the combine. its really quick and super easy, normally. but someone didnt tighten the locking nut, so the all thread jumped around and screwed up the threads. had to run a die up the all thread to clean it up. the threads must have been tapered, because i couldn't run the die by hand. anyone have a guess how long it takes to run a die up a 3' chunk of all thread with a 1-1/8" wrench 1/4 turn at a time??  i dont know how long it took, but it felt like forever lol. Other than that everything checked out. The head i bought must not have been on the combine. the head had a filler plate that the front feed drum on the combine hit when i turned the head on. we took it off, but i still need to figure that one out. I didnt have a book at the time, so everything was a combination of my best guess, and snap shots of books courtesy of the guys on agtalk. I tried to run wheat. the combine worked good, but i couldn't figure out how to lock the head up, so it wouldn't feed worth a crap. ended up giving up because rain was coming. now that i have the book it makes sense, but i guess thats what happens when something is new and you're in a hurry. So i dug the K2 out and we used that instead. 

all in all its a pretty simple combine, and the wheat attempt will make the first beans go easier. 

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