Try out some of my ...

Try out some of my new equipment  


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18/06/2019 4:39 am  

I had two animals that had to go to Locker. So I grabbed a few of my panels we made a small Corral right outside the front to the feedlot. Then used to Ally frames and panels to make a 10-foot alleyway to bump up to the half door on the back of the trailer. Drug their corn bunk into the Corral got one sorted out in that process that we didn't want. While they're standing there eating pushed one into the trailer. Dad was by the trailer and just kept him in there now I had one I didn't want and when I wanted they stuck together pretty tight both in the trailer both out of the trailer both in the trailer for three times. The third time I was able to get them to Circle slow enough where I could get between them and stop the one I didn't want. Very slick very safe for all of us. No screaming using pitchforks.