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Ran the herd through!  


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23/12/2019 8:12 am  

Got to try out the portable all-in-one unit run the 10 cows through and the calves. It went really good but had a couple cows that just refuse to enter the tub. I had lots of straw down but I wonder if there wasn't a shadow to their left? Used corn to get them in there and a calm them down. The one cow was getting herself worked up pretty good so we just threw a bunch of corn into the bedding and into the tub and just gave her a few minutes. The only problem with the Cavs is they would go into the tub and then Circle back against the movable panel and then instead of turning around and going towards the alley they would walk backwards. LOL


10 cows are bred! 10 calves vaccinated! Nobody got hurt!